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workerBe is proud to support this groundbreaking not-for-profit!  

workerBe oasis is a society that takes underutilised areas and grows local food for local people. We donate a large portion of our nutrient dense organic produce to food banks like Kaibosh who then redistributes it to people in need.

Through regenerative agricultural practices we are reconnecting communities and creating a zero waste local food system, while training future urban farmers and growing beautiful productive landscapes in the city. 

The first two oases are now planted and growing, providing support for anyone wanting to grow their own food around the city.

Get involved! You can:

The workerBe oasis is an incorporated society started by founders Erin Leigh Todd of workerBe and Linnea Lindstroem of Edible Oasis. Both see urban farming with permaculture design as the best way to save Earth from the current environmental, economic, and cultural crisis.