workerbe Oasis was founded in July 2015 by Linnea Lindstroem and Erin Todd, to combine three goals: research functional food crops for urban farming in Wellington while producing high quality produce, provide an oasis of beauty on neglected council-owned land, and a place for learning about food growing for the general public.

Kaicycle was started to collect food waste from office buildings and domestic customers and turn it into compost, instead of letting it go to landfill. All food waste pick ups are done by e-bike, and the compost is used at the Hospital rd urban farm. Originally, the Kaicycle service was part of the social enterprise Urban Kai founded by Ania Upstill and Charmaine Meyers in early 2014, which had the same fundamental vision and goals as workerBe Oasis: closing the loop between local food production and local compostable waste.

In 2016, these combined into one volunteer-run non-profit organisation, based at Hospital Rd Newtown, and in 2018 we changed name to Kaicycle Incorporated Society. This is our old webpage, a placeholder until the new one is ready!

Our approach is permaculture based and the soil is regenerated through the use of compost, bio-char and plant matter. We don’t rely on chemicals to prop up poor soil, but instead focus on the long game. This makes for hardier plants, fewer pests and delicious produce. We test our soil and measure our output, looking for technical performance and yield.

Our work reconnects people to green spaces, to the natural rhythms of the seasons and to each other.

To contact the society, email oasis@workerbe.co for learning and growing, or kaicycle@workerbe.co for our composting service.

Facebook pages: Kaicycle Urban Farm and Kaicycle Composting