workerbe Oasis was started in 2015 with two sites- Thurleigh Grove and the site at 5 Hospital Road in Newtown. The idea is to provide fresh, nutritious produce to the community through various initiatives as well as provide a backdrop for action learning.

Kaicycle was started to collect the food waste that is going into landfill rather than compost and the earth.

Now combined into the Society we seek to eliminate waste and gain more spaces to grow food.

Our approach is permaculture based which means that the soil is regenerated through the use of compost, bio-char and plant matter. We don’t rely on chemicals to prop up poor soil, but instead focus on the long game. This makes for hardier plants, fewer pests and delicious produce. We test our soil and measure our output, looking for technical performance and yield.

Our work reconnects people to green spaces, to the natural rhythms of the seasons and to each other.